If you are planning on arriving via commercial airlines, Alaska Airlines is the only method of air transportation to and from Ketchikan, Alaska. A short 1 hour and 40 minute flight from Seattle, Washington. Your party will be greeted at the Ketchikan International Airport upon arrival and transported the the lodge and shown to your rooms. We will give you a brief introduction of the facility and hope you immediately make yourselves at home. If a vehicle is available you may want to do some sight seeing on your own. Ketchikan has a lot to offer the first time visitor.

We appreciate everyone in your party arriving and departing flight as the airport is located on another island and we are limited to ferry access to and from. We recommend arrival in the mid-afternoon (4:10 p.m.) and departure in the morning (7:40 a.m.)

Beacon Hill Lodgeis conveniently located on the island named “Revillagigedo”. We islanders call it “Revella” for short. 15 miles north of the city of Ketchikan Alaska. The 4th largest city in the state. We are the Salmon Capitol of the world!

Ketchikan is a modern city offering all of the enmities of the “lower 48”. With a population of roughly 15,000 people. Ketchikan General Hospital offers excellent health care along with numerous physicians located within a 15 mile radius of the lodge. Our port town is a major destination for many of the Cruise Agencies. There are no less than 4 ships at dock in our little city daily.

The waterfront docks are lined with shops, many of the same can be found in any port on the Caribbean. Horse drawn trolleys are a unique method of transportation around the city, offering tours of the Salmon Hatchery, Native Villages & Totem Pole Parks.

For the adventurous souls among you, the waterfront is lined with several Air Taxi Services, offering many exciting tours.
Alaska’s Population of 606,000 makes it the 3rd least populous state. The state also boasts the lowest population density in the nation. There is 1.0 person per square mile in Alaska, compared to 71.2 people per square mile for the entire US.

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